Some Surprising Facts About Truck Accidents

Car accidents don’t always have to happen on the road. Sometimes, they can occur to a parked car at a private garage or to a car just minding its own business at a parking lot until something horrid decided to happen. The thing is—accidents don’t just decide to happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. However, that is not to say that accidents are completely without precedence as a lot of accidents are actually preventable if only people were not carelessly negligent.

Accidents on the road can affect many people—the worst ones can even set whole cities abuzz and aflame, sometimes literally. Hours and hours of gridlock traffic can occur after an accident, especially if it’s a truck accident on an open highway, and this can mean serious damage to businesses that need to function but can’t because people need to get to where they need to be. Those are some littler concerns about truck accidents but one thing that people tend to not notice is that one of the most common causes of devastating accidents is turning wrongly.

They are also more common than one things as, according to the website of the lawyers with Williams Kherkher, there can be up to 500,000 truck accidents that occur in the United States of America every single year.

Truckers are also held accountable to more than just the casual driver’s mandated responsibility. For example, if a trucker were to be found driving over the allowed influence of alcohol, they won’t just be held liable under criminal law but also civil law. A trucker is also only allowed to drive for fourteen consecutive hours per day. A truck is no easily handed over automatic as, in the event of emergencies, truckers are so trained in worst case scenarios such as situations where the breaks might not be working. There are safety protocols that only truckers know and must always be aware of, lest they accidentally injure themselves or someone else.