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The Best Car-Free Cities

Are you tired of driving in bumper to bumper traffic, paying for gas or insurance, or just want to live a more Eco-friendly lifestyle? Luckily, many major cities keep improving conditions for those who choose to be car free. Here are some of the best cities to live in if you do not own a car.

New York City ranks number one in public transit and walking, and number nine for bikers. It is no secret that no other public transit system in the United States holds a candle to the New York Subway. Also, New Yorkers understand that walkers are allowed to have complete disregard for the walk/don’t walk signs.

San Francisco ranks number two in biking, public transit, and walking, making itself very well-rounded for those who do not have cars. With a land area of only about 47 square miles, getting from on side of San Francisco to another is not a very difficult feat.

Boston ranks third in public transit and walking, and fifth in biking. Nicknamed “The Walking City” and home to the first subway system in the world, Boston is historically well known for being a great city for those who do not favor driving.

Although not having a car has financial perks and helps the environment, it is important to be careful when commuting. According to the website of Pohl Berk, in 2009 there were over 59,000 pedestrian injuries, 4,000 pedestrian deaths, 50,000 bicyclist injuries, and 400 bicyclist deaths. When motorists are careless, it is usually the non-motorists who pay the price.

Do not let this stop you from living the lifestyle you want, especially when car accidents are common as well, but remember that just because you have the right of way does not mean that you are invincible. Paying attention to your surroundings and following the rules given to pedestrian and bikers should keep you out of harm’s way.

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